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Monday, April 7, 2014

Polished monday! Kleancolor pastels review and swatches

Hi guys!

Today I'll be showing you the collection of pastel polishes from Kleancolor I got recently. I already used them in a design, but I used them all togheter in a gradient.

I love this polish. I bought them from ebay for about $9.60, collection of 6. These particular polishes are not new, as far as I know they have a new line of pastels in the 2014 spring collection. But they're a must have for me because I love pastels so much.

The bottles are full size, 15 ml. They have a medium thin consistency. They're not streaky, they're extremely easy to apply, they jst glide on the nail smootly.

The drying time is fast to medium. The pink has a longer dry time. I didn't really check on the clock to see, but its way longer than the others, probably up to 15-20 minutes compared to 5 minutes the other ones. I don't really know why.

Each swatch has base coat and 2 coats of color. There's no top coat.

Kleancolor also has makeup, if you're interested you can find more of their products and polishes at They're situated in California, so I don't know if they ship outside USA. They even have nail art decorations like stickers and glitters, also they have scented polish. their collection of polish is pretty big I'm sure you'll find something you'll like!

Here are the swatches:

Pastel pink

Pastel orange

Pastel purple

Pastel teal

Pastel blue

Pastel yellow

Thank you for stopping by!


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